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Diary of a Silversmith

Silver Dream – now a Silversmith’s Dream

After years of disappointing pre Christmas sales JA Campbell have now had an excellent trading period. [More]

Silver Dream part two

In the early stages of my interest in sailing I was still learning a lot –and fast!

Our last trip ended with the dingy upside down with the mast stuck in the mud!! I had read a book on righting a capsized dingy, you just climb onto the upturned hull and pull the keel down through 180 degrees and climb aboard. This time it would have none of it (with the mast stuck firmly in the mud not suprising) Luckily a motor boat took our painter and towed us back to the bank. This was probably the last time the family came sailing in the dingy. They had been frightened and lost their confidence in me. [More]

Extreme Cocktail

A silversmith’s lot is not as easy as some people might imagine. Some of the items we make are quite complicated bearing in mind we make most things completely from scratch often starting with a flat piece of sheet silver. Consequently, when you have not made an item for quite a while (sometimes years) it is difficult to remember how to do it... [More]

Silver Dream

A silversmith has to have a way of relaxing and I have several!!

The one I am going to tell you about today is a bit of a long story but I will do it in installments to give you something to look forward to!!

Back in 1983 when I ordered my new yacht, (a Sadler 26 mast head sloop) a decision had to be made as to what to call her... [More]