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Diary of a Silversmith

Tarnish Free Silver - revisited

At breakfast this morning I noticed that the silver was in need of a polish. (I really dislike tarnished silver.) It doesn't seem long since I did it last, possibly only a fortnight.  Our kitchen diner where our every day silver lives seems to be especially susceptable to tarnish. I suspect it is the gas cooking coupled with the sometimes steamy conditions (sulpher/water vapour) This led on to thinking that if anyone invented a "genuine" tarnish free silver it would increase sales of silver considerably. Unfortunately - to date - this has not happened and maybe never will. Some years a... [More]

Engraving on Silver

One of the last tasks in the long line which makes up the Silver & Crystal Claret Jug batch is engraving! In this instance, the customer has requested their club crest to be engraved under the silver lip. As there are quite a few to engrave it makes economic sense to machine engrave them rather than hand engrave.  This is one of the only processes that JA Campbell sub contract. First the crest is drawn into the machines software programme which will instruct the three motors what to do. The part doing the actual engraving is a diamond tipped tool which is raised and lowered a... [More]

From the Workshop 5

Monday and another week begins. My task today is completing some silver hairbrushes. This is one of the items in my baby gift range. I have a small contemporary range that I named "Over the Moon" after over hearing a conversation between 2 new mothers! The picture below shows the final stages of the box platform being cut to shape and size to hold the brush in its box.  

Sterling Silver Hallmarking

On my website I always describe the manufacturing process in detail as I believe this is of interest to the customer. I do my best to be as accurate as posible and gets my facts right. On a recent visit to drop some items in for hallmarking at the London Assay Office I was having a conversation with my regular contact there and he asked me if I would like to have tour around the premises to see the process. I thought this was a bit starnge as I had done this many times before when I used to arrange for groups of staff from various shops to go there. I always believed that the more they... [More]

From the Workshop 4

Continuing with my production stories today shows a handle being soldered onto a Claret Jug