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Diary of a Silversmith

Precious Metals - Conservation

As a Silversmith I am, and always have been, careful not to waste any silver or gold which I handle on a daily basis. In common with others in the industry, we cut, file, saw, grind, turn and polish precious metals. All these processes could lose some of the precious metals never to be seen again. In our case the clean cutting we collect to use at a later date for our silver castings. The less clean (which could have some oil or dirt present) is collected and returned to our supplier for melt and assay. The fine silver element of this is then credited to our metal account with our supplier. ... [More]

A Hallmark request

A few weeks ago I had an unusual request from a repeat customer. Did we have in stock something suitable for a belated Christening present? But it had to have the date letter 2015. I had a rummage through the safe and found three items and offered him a choice. One of the items was a Directors Whisky Decanter. We both agreed that this was a rather unusual Christening present but probably more useful (in later life of course!) than a baby rattle for example which is only useful during the early life of a child. On the other hand it could be passed from generation to generation??? However a... [More]