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Silver Vases

Here at JA Campbell we pride themselves on having one simple elegant crystal vase in our collection. It has a sterling silver base and comes in 3 sizes. The crystal is mouth blown in Devon, England by Master Glassblowers and is carefully fitted with its sterling silver base by Master Silversmiths in London. The silver bases are easily removed for cleaning.

Over a number of years different designs and colours have been tried but the existing clear crystal vase has proved the most popular. 

This vase can display fresh flowers and be changed frequently or have a dried or silk flower display for a much longer lasting arrangement to suit your individual taste and décor. Any room will benefit from the introduction of a vase of flowers.

Engraving a personalized message or design on either the crystal body or the silver base will make your purchase or gift even more memorable. Find out more about our silver and crystal vase and buy online today.

We have recently revived our Art Deco style Sterling Silver Vase in three different sizes. These are proving to very popular and are suitable for a wide range of occasions. The smallest of the three is ideal to sit on top of a wedding cake.

Don't forget we also stock a fantastic range of silver gifts for ladies, as well as silver wedding gifts.