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Diary of a Silversmith

Silver Bangles

A lady phoned a couple of weeks ago and said that she had found us on the internet. She had been going round the local shops in the Brentwood area trying to find someone who could make 2 silver bangles for her two daughter’s birthdays. Colin, who took the call, suggested that she bring in her example of what she wanted. She arrived. Not having been party to these telephone conversations I had to explain that I was a silversmith and what she needed was a jeweler. She said “what is the difference?” I tried to explain that that there can be big differences between jewelers and silversmiths, for example silversmiths do not normally work to such small sizes, neither do they know how to make settings for stones etc.

She then showed me a bangle that she was wearing. Quite an ornate one, obviously from the Far East as it had elephants embossed around the outside. She said that what she wanted made for her daughters was something much simpler.

I started warming to the idea and told her that I usually only make jewelry for friends and family. She was such a pleasant woman that I decided she fitted the criteria and yes I would make them for her.

They are now made and have gone to the hand engraver to inscribe her personal message inside each one. From there they will pay a visit to the London Assay Office to be tested and hallmarked. Finally they need to come back to our studio to be polished and boxed.

Another satisfied customer hopefully!



Since writing the above the first of the bangles has been presented. Mother and Daughter very happy!