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Diary of a Silversmith

Silversmith's Speaker Stands

My training and life as a Silversmith have also given me the basic skills and confidence to tackle other projects. For example, when we bought a new sound system and television. It came supplied with contemporary light wood speakers. Co-incidentally the same colour as our Ercol furniture.

Unfortunately we could not find suitable wooden stands for these speakers that would also match our furniture. I though it would be quite an enjoyable experience to make a pair. First I did a scale drawing, then sourced some maple wood (which is nice to turn) from our stocks and cut out the necessary blanks, two circles and a long baton. 

Next I turned the three component parts, top, base and stem as seen in the picture.

I then sanded them on the lathe and Colin polished them in our polishing shop using two grades of compound until they were perfectly smooth. Lastly a coat of wax was added.    

And no! I am not making any others in case anyone asks!