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Diary of a Silversmith

Tusk Silver Trophy

A local engraver to us, Steven Alexander, asked if I could fit an additional silver plate to the above mentioned trophy.

Commissioned in the 1950's it had run out of space to engrave further winners names. Quite a bizarre object, it appears to be made from a hollowed out top end of an elephants tusk with the handle made of what looks like Rhinoceros horns. A glass bottom enabling it to be used as a mug.

The making of an additional plate was quite tricky given that the only means I had of fixing it to the tusk was dress making pins which although good at driving into the wooden plinth. They really were reluctant to hammer into the ivory tusk. Pilot holes needed to be drilled but this in itself was problematic as the material was so hard and the drills so fragile being only 0.4mm in diameter.

A three feet diameter arc had to be scribed onto the silver sheet prior to cutting it out. This enabled it to fit snugly onto the slightly tapered tusk.

I got there eventually! It took just short of a day to do but I had only quoted one and a half hoursFrown C'est la vie!