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Cleaning Your Silverware

How to Clean your Silver Tableware

Cleaning your silverware
If you have any questions on caring for your silver, please contact the technical department at J.A.Campbell on 01277 217829.

For most items, firstly, wash in a solution of warm water containing the usual small amount of washing up liquid in order to remove food and wine residues then dry using a clean soft cotton cloth.

Items such as photo frames, pepper mills, candlesticks with baize bases should not be immersed but wiped with a soft damp cloth in the same above mentioned solution and dried.

It is possible to buff-up/polish the item four or five times at monthly intervals using just a soft cloth or cotton wool, provided the tarnish is light.

After this period a proprietary silver polish will be necessary, J.A.Campbell have used 'Silvo' by Reckitt and Benckiser for 50 years and believe it to be the best.

A complimentary decanter/claret jug cleaning kit for removing any stains which may occur inside is supplied with each item from August 2014. Owners of decanters/claret jugs supplied before this date should call JA Campbell to request the free cleaning kit to be sent