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Custom Trophies

  • Fluted bowl on plinth

    Prestigious handmade Silver Sailing trophy sponsored by a retailer in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

  • Chased cup

    Highly ornate Silver Polo trophy. A replica made to a reduced size of the older original one.

  • Crown bowl

    Silver Bowl - highly suitable for many prestigious sporting competitions. A plinth can be supplied with a silver band for the names of winners.

  • Flag trophy

    Sponsored by the Daily Mail newspaper for an annual Tennis competition.

  • Presentation dish

    Highly suitable for any prestigious sporting competition. Can be engraved with bespoke logo’s and inscriptions etc.

Silver Trophies, Prizes and Awards

John Campbell has been producing, amongst other things, trophies, prizes and awards for all sorts of sporting events and competitions throughout his career as a Silversmith.

The first one was around 1960, says John, when I was still an apprentice and was a cup for the Nimble bread competition.

More recently and one of the most interesting (which incidentally came back in 2012 for repair) was a silver and marble memorial skiing trophy for a club based in Switzerland. It was very contemporary and depicted a steep stylized slope made from marble with a pair of silver skies affixed to and hovering off the surface.

Other bespoke commissions include prestigious sailing trophies for Cowes Week and the Silver Fastnet Lighthouse trophy.

Another was the annual horse racing Zetland Gold Cup.

For competitions other than the above there is much to choose from in our current range than can be customized for use as an impressive silver trophy.

Browse through our website or give me a call for some suggestions.

John Campbell