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Gold Tableware

Gold Claret Jug

If you're looking for a greater investment than silver, JA Campbell offers a fantastic range of gold tableware. Hand made to order, our gold tableware is made from 18 carat gold, the best choice for two main reasons:

Recognised – 18 carat gold is recognised internationally as “proper” gold. Carats lower than 18 are shunned in some countries.

Fashioning – Lower carats can be difficult to work with; high carat gold is more malleable, making the production process less problematic.

Unlike our silver tableware, our gold tableware is not kept in stock; it is hand made specifically to order. We also offer an engraving service. For a quote* please contact John or Colin on +44 (0)1277 217 829 or via email at info@jacampbell.co.uk.

* Prices are valid for 24 hours only due to the fluctuating nature of the commodity market.