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Classic Caviar Servers

Here at JA Campbell, our classic caviar servers are the perfect party piece when you’re hosting the celebratory bash of the year.

Thanks to its unique flavour, caviar needs to be served on ice. And our elegant and traditionally-crafted caviar servers, in a stunning blend of silver and crystal, are perfect for delivering this delicacy to your guests.

When caviar is produced, each egg retains 100% of its oil content which gives the culinary delight such a delectable taste on your tongue.

Adding a certain debonair quality to any social gathering, our classic caviar servers represent a merry blend of over 122 years of silverware experience and the best quality heavy-gauge silver.

Don’t forget to look after your set by taking a glimpse at our guide to cleaning your silverware, so it remains in pristine condition for generations to come.

Silver Caviar Servers

Silver Caviar Servers

£1,125.00 to £2,456.00