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Silver Table Centrepieces

JA Campbell offers an exquisite collection of silver and crystal centerpieces, often known as epergnes, which seem to have originated from France as the word derives from the the French 'epargne' meaning 'saving'. The idea being guests were saved the inconvenience of passing the dishes around.

An epergne is typically a large item, often approximately 16" high and consisting of a large centre bowl or basket with baskets or bowls either hanging or supported on arms rising from the base. The bowls would typically be used for fruit or sweetmeats.

The JA Campbell centrepiece also has the dual facility of being able to convert to a candelabra by inserting candles and sconces into the arms. These epergnes are made in 3, 4, and 5 arm versions and designed to fit into the matching contemporary 'Appetite' collection. This works as well today as it did nearly 300 years ago.

Complete your elegant atmosphere with a piece from our tableware collection; perfect for silver wedding anniversary presents and much more.

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