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Classic Centrepieces

One of our most popular silver wedding gifts, the JA Campbell classic centrepieces are sure to add magic, elegance and a timeless character to any room of your home.

Ideally crafted for the dining or living spaces, our stunning centrepieces draw focus from any point in the room and ensure all attention in concentrated on them.

Also known as epergnes, centrepieces seem to have originated from France as the word derives from the French 'epargne' meaning 'saving'. Originally, guests were saved the inconvenience of passing the dishes around by the introducing of the modern centrepiece.

Here at JA Campbell, our classic centrepieces feature arms for adding candles and sconces for a thoroughly pleasant dining and relaxing experience. They are available with 3 arms, 4 arms or 5 arms.

Make sure you take care of your silverware by cleaning your silverware thoroughly and regularly.

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