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Silver Baby Bowl

A new mum was asked "Are you pleased with your new arrival"? Pleased???, I am "over the moon", she exclaimed. It was on this basis that the products were designed and the silver baby collection given its name. This concise range of sterling silver baby gifts is interesting in that the use of the items develops as the baby grows. This is certain to attract comment from your friends and family.

This sterling silver baby bowl is ideal to use and in which to enjoy their first breakfast or perhaps dinner or even dessert. It is so versatile! Decorated around the edge with a moon and stars motif, the bowl is a sensible size and depth to use during those early years.

Our range of sterling silver baby gifts can be engraved with names and/or dates which will personalize the gift and mark the occasion. A selection of baby gifts that will be cherished forever and handed down, forming an interesting and important part of your family history. 

All the items in this collection are handmade from hallmarked sterling silver in England, at our Brentwood workshop - made up to a standard, not down to a price. The "Over the Moon" sterling silver Christening gift collection consists of 10 items and has a range of prices that will suit several members of the same family. Ideal to build a matching collection.

A description of our manufacturing process is given by John Campbell. The cereal bowl is made by the "spinning" method. This is a rather low tech but highly skilled way of producing round, hollow objects in relatively small quantities. Firstly a solid male chuck is made and a disc (in this case silver) is wrapped over it, using a polished steel burnisher while it is spinning on a lathe. Lamp shades and cooking utensils are often made by this method.

At this stage in the making process, the item then makes the journey to the London Assay Office where all the components are scraped and tested to ensure they contain more than 92.5% silver. Providing a positive result is received from the laboratory, the hallmark symbols are burnt into the surface of the silver using a laser.

Upon return to the silversmith's workshop, the bowl is polished using an electric polishing lathe and 4 grades of compound until it is bright and all the blemishes removed. At this stage, the moon and stars symbols are sand-blasted around the rim of the bowl. It is finally repolished, cleaned and packed into the luxury green satin-lined "Over the Moon" presentation boxes.


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