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Silver Bar Set

This silver bar set comprises of 3 items, a bar knife, a corkscrew and a bottle opener. It comes complete in a satin lined presentation box.

This boxed bar set would make an ideal sterling silver men's gift or sterling silver wedding present. If the occasion is a golden wedding, then the handles can be gold-plated or even made in gold. As the handles can be engraved, they are also very suitable for a corporate or incentive gift.

A sterling silver engraved bar set could be something that is passed from generation to generation. Silver has become a subtle staus symbol in recent years and could be just the thing to enhance your home.

The sterling silver bar knife which can be used to slice fruit and open bottles. It has a functional stainless steel blade which is made in Sheffield for quality and reliability and is mounted on a solid hallmarked sterling silver rod handle. This silver-handled, bar knife is essential for the man who has everything including his own cocktail bar. It is ideal to slice lemons for the G & T or fruit for the jug of Pimms. The double prong helps to transport the fruit into the jug or glass. An additional feature of this silver handled bar knife is the bottle opener on the back of the knife.

The sterling silver corkscrew has a solid silver handle and a steel coil-type screw. This wound steel type of screw enters and removes the cork extremely efficiently and rarely splits a cork. The screw is mounted on a solid, hallmarked sterling silver rod handle.

The sterling silver bottle opener also has a solid silver handle. The opener part is made from Sheffield stainless steel for strength and durability which will look elegant while proving to be efficient and durable.

All 3 handles have a double line motif which is the signature design theme of the JA Campbell contemporary 'Appetite' collection. The method of manufacture is as follows. The silver handles are made by the continuous casting method. The ingredients (pure silver and pure copper) are fed into a hopper, dropping continuously into a crucible where they are melted, mixed together and pulled out of the bottom as the metal cools and solidifies at a controlled rate. It is then cut into manageable lengths and drawn down through a series of dies to smaller diameters. The silversmith then cuts it into handle lengths, turns the decorative signature lines into the surface on a lathe and drills one end to accept the tang of the relevant blade.

At this stage, the manufacturing process is paused and punched with the maker's mark, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell. The articles are transported to the London Assay Office where they will be tested. Provided after testing they are found to be on or better than 92.5% pure silver, the remaining hallmarks will be punched into the surface. NB: there is no minus tolerance. The British hallmarking system is one of the best, internationally recognized and oldest forms of consumer protection.

On return to the silversmith's workshop, the manufacturing process continues. The silver handles are now fixed onto the steel blades which have been made by hot forging. They are filed into shape and then polished using 4 different grades of compound. After cleaning, the items are packed into the luxury presentation boxes and dispatched.

Silver to pass down as an inheritance to future generations made up to a standard and not down to a price.

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