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Silver Birthday Cake Candle Holder

A sterling silver candle holder or 'kerzenleuchter ' for birthday cakes or 'geburtstagkuchen'. In handmade, hallmarked, sterling silver this candle holder is unique as a Christening present or first birthday baby present and can be added to on successive occasions. It fits a standard wax birthday cake candle which is obtainable from a variety of shops and online. It is bound to attract admiring comments from your family and friends. This item solves the 'what to buy' question for years to come. They can also be engraved with initials or a date if required.

Interestingly Queen Mary presented her two daughters with a silver candle holder on their birthday each year up until they were 11 years old! 

These silver candle holders can be bought individually or in boxed sets of any number. This makes starting a collection or building an existing one so simple.

For those interested in how we make this product in our Brentwood workshop, a brief description follows. It is produced using the 'lost wax' casting method. A master pattern is made which is 10% larger than the finished piece requires. This is to allow for 2 sets of heat shrinkage. Next, a vulcanized rubber mould is made from the master pattern. Molten wax is then injected into the mould and the cooled waxes are assembled onto a tree like structure. A large diameter stainless steel tube (flask) is placed over the 'tree' and filled with liquid Plaster of Paris. Once this has solidified, it is heated to melt out the wax. The flask is then re-heated to burn out all the wax traces and the interior filled (using a centrifuge) with molten silver. Once cooled, the flask is broken open and the tree removed. This is then pickled to remove all traces of plaster. The castings are then cut from the 'tree trunk'. The item is then carefully filed and polished.

At this stage, the silversmithing process is paused for a visit to the London Assay Office, housed in Goldsmiths' Hall. The silver is tested and once a positive result has been received from the laboratory, the remaining hallmarks are then punched into the surface. This process is one of the oldest and best examples of consumer protection as the testing and punching are completely independent from the silver or goldsmith making the article. Upon return, the item is finally polished and packed in satin lined boxes.

An exciting present whatever the age. Use one to represent a year, or one to represent each decade. The tradition of placing candles on a birthday cake is attributed to the early Greeks who believed it made the cakes glow like the Moon. They worshipped Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon. Others say the smoke from the candles on a cake carried their wishes to the Gods. A third view is that the custom originated in Germany where a large candle was placed in the middle of the cake to denote 'the light of life'

In present times when candles are placed on birthday cakes, they are mostly put in a holder of some description and then they are lit and a wish is made before blowing out the candles. If they are all blown out in one breath, good luck will follow! The candle holder can be engraved with a date or initials of your choice to further personalize the gift.

In the unlikely event of damage, JA Campbell provide a repair service. You can be assured that all our products are made up to a standard not down to a price. Nothing leaves the Brentwood workshop until Master Silversmith John Campbell is completely satisfied.

This sterling candle holder is a pleasure to use today and an investment to be handed down to future generations. As with most things in life your silver will need occasional cleaning. This does not need to be a chore and can even be quite therapeutic. It will need as little as a quick wash up, a 'buff up' with a soft clean yellow duster to remove light tarnish, and then the occasional polish using silver cleaner such as Silvo or Goddards.

Keeping the candle holder in a small sealable plastic bag will prevent tarnish.

Engraving example image

You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


Engraving is a wonderful opportunity to personalize a gift. The addition of a minimum of initials, a name, a name and date, plus the occasion will cover most situations. More can be added, if required, such as a personal message.

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Around the body

Recommended maximum characters: 10

For more information regarding our engraving services, which include hand, glass, heraldic and logo engraving, please click here, or telephone Colin or John Campbell on 01277 217829 to discuss.

Compose your personal engraving message after adding this product to your basket.

What our customers say

Stunningly beautiful. Exquisite engraving. Wonderfully packaged and presented. A very special first birthday gift for my great niece.

— Wendy King

These candle holders are gorgeous and the presentation package is perfect! Thank you JA Campbell for making this an extraordinary experience! Vanessa Johnson- USA

— Vanessa Johnson

Good morning John. They are beautiful! The presentation box is very impressive as well. Thank you for working with me on this purchase. Best, Vanessa

— Vanessa


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