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Silver Butter Dish With Tray - Crystal Body

A clear crystal butter dish with a sterling silver cover, sitting on a heavy gauge hallmarked sterling silver tray, wonderful to use and sure to add the 'wow' factor to your table.

Butter storage presents different problems in different climates, but whatever the temperature its surface needed to be covered. This was done by packing in barrels or crocks, or wrapping in leaves or, in more modern times, in paper.

Decorative silver butter coolers were well known in the 19th and early 20th century. Often there was a compartment filled with water or possibly ice on the hottest days. Methods have changed with the advent of refrigeration. If you place this crystal bowl in the freezer for a while before needed on the table it will keep the contents cooler for much longer.

This elegant crystal butter dish with a sterling silver lid and tray will grace any dining table and keep your butter cool and fresh throughout the meal. It is part of the JA Campbell 'Appetite' collection which was designed by company founder and Master Silversmith John Campbell.

There are many matching sterling silver items in this collection to ensure you create a dining experience that will be the envy of your friends. For example condiment sets, juice jugs and egg cups and many more. Whilst a joy to use and own yourself, most items are suitable for silver wedding presents or for silver corporate or silver incentive gifts. If the occasion is a golden wedding then many of the items can be suitably gold plated or even made in gold.

For those interested in how we make this piece, it begins with the crystal bowl which is mouth blown by Dartington Crystal into an exclusive carbon mould. When cooled the excess is cut from the top edge and then polished. Next the silver parts. The knob, cover and tray are all made the "spinning" method. This is the method by which most JA Campbell products are made. Spinning is a technique used to produce round hollow sheet items in relatively small quantities. A male preformed shape called a chuck is made/turned on the lathe, then a silver blank is spun or wrapped over the former or chuck while the tool is spinning together. This is done using a polished steel tool inserted into a long wooden handle. Once all the components are spun the 2 knob parts are lapped together (again on the lathe) to form 1 unit. This is then soldered onto the cover using silver solder.

At this stage the process is paused and punched with the makers mark, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell. Then comes a visit to the London Assay Office where all the components are scraped and tested to ensure they contain more than 92.5% silver. Providing a positive result is received from the laboratory the remaining hallmark symbols are burnt into the surface of the silver using a laser in the case of the tray and punched into the bezel in the case of the cover. Upon return to the workshop the cover is finally polished using 4 grades of compound and packed into the distinctive JA Campbell presentation boxes.

All JA Campbell products are made up to a standard not down to a price and will stand the test of time. Future generations will delight in using Granddad or Grandmas butter dish!

In the unlikely event of damage JA Campbell provides a full replacement and repair service.

As with most things in life your silver will need occasional cleaning, this does not need to be a chore and can even be quite therapeutic. It may need as little as a quick wash up, a 'buff up' with a soft yellow duster to remove light tarnish, and the occasional polish using silver cleaner such as Silvo.

Engraving example image

You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


Engraving is a wonderful opportunity to personalize a gift. The addition of a minimum of initials, a name, a name and date, plus the occasion will cover most situations. More can be added, if required, such as a personal message.

Suggested position:

Anywhere on silver cover or tray, or on side of crystal body 

Recommended maximum characters: 240

For more information regarding our engraving services, which include hand, glass, heraldic and logo engraving, please click here, or telephone Colin or John Campbell on 01277 217829 to discuss.

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