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Silver Candelabra, Classic Design, Branch only

This classic hallmarked sterling silver round candelabra branch only is part of the 'Classic' collection from JA Campbell Silversmiths. This particular design dates from approximately 1740 . It is made to fit onto the top of the matching Classic candlestick. Adding a sterling silver branch to a 10 inch round candle stick is an ideal combination. It has an overall height of approximately 13 inches. The truly classic design of this Georgian reproduction silver candelabra branch shows the inherent qualities of hallmarked sterling silver at its best.  'To delight a customer' is something Designer John Campbell aims to do with every item that leaves his workshop.

For those people interested in how we make these candelabra branches it is primarily using 2 main techniques. 'Spinning' for the main hollow components and lost wax casting for the solid arms. There are 8 individual parts made employing the spinning method, this is an ancient technique of 'wrapping' a flat silver disc around a pre formed shape known as a 'chuck' on a spinning lathe using a polished steel burnisher. Several different chucks (intermediate) are used to draft the flat disc into its final shape. Several of these items are then 'lapped' together to form sub assemblies. While the silversmith is making the spinning's, another is starting to cast the arms. Wax copies of the arm are produced by injecting molten wax into a rubber mould. When cooled and solidified the mould is opened and the wax arm removed. A light dusting of talcum powder stops the wax sticking to the mould. When 4 wax arms have been produced they are carefully inspected to ensure they have no defects which could be copied into the silver. The waxes are then grouped together onto a central wax cone and covered with an open ended steel tube (flask) this is then filled with liquid Plaster of Paris. When the plaster has set the flask is heated in an oven and the wax melted out leaving the intricate impressions inside. The flask is then heated further to around 1200 degrees C until the last remaining wax has been burned completely. At this stage the flask is placed in a centrifuge and the exact amount of silver is spun into the flask. After cooling the flask is broken out and the arms removed along with all traces of plaster. They are then sawn off their central cone, filed, dressed and pre polished.

The next stage is for the silversmith to join the cast components to the spun components making a complete branch. This is done using silver solder and involves heating the components to around 600 degrees C. Please note: all the heat processes use a fire free technique preventing the tiny copper trace in the silver alloy staining the surface of the silver. This is quite unique in our industry as most other manufacturers silver plate their silver to cover and hide the unsightly fire stain. On completion of the assembly process the branch is pickled in dilute sulphuric acid to remove flux residues etc.

At this stage the article is punched with the makers mark, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell and it is taken to the London Assay Office to be scraped and tested. Once a positive result has been received from the laboratory confirming that the article has been made with metal at least 92.5%, pure silver the remaining hallmarks are punched into the surface. This independent hallmarking process began in the 1400's and is one of the world's oldest and most secure forms of consumer protection. Upon return to the workshop the branch is now polished inside and out using 4 different grades of compound until it has the high luster associated with silver. It is punched with the JA Campbell name punch and ultrasonically cleaned, dried and packed into fitted presentation boxes.

Candlesticks and candelabra were probably the most frequently used item of silver before the advent of electricity and so a huge number were made and also in a very wide range of styles. Today there are many styles still available; collecting is purely down to individual tastes. Whatever the occasion a table set with silver candelabra from JA Campbell will show your guests that you appreciate quality. Silver has become a subtle status symbol in recent years. An heirloom to hand down to future generations? If you wish to give as a golden wedding present then these silver branches and candlesticks can be gold plated or even made in gold to match the occasion. Remember, the soft glow of candlelight will create a special ambiance for that special meal.

One more thing you can be sure of, a silver candelabra branch from JA  Campbell is made up to a standard and not down to a price. We provide a full repair service if required.

Price is for branch only

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