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Silver Coaster for Claret Jug or Decanter

This Silver Coaster is a new addition to the JA Campbell collection and is made first and foremost to fit the Chalice and Vine handled Claret Jugs. However it also fits the Directors Decanter, the Chateauneuf Decanter and the Connoisseur Decanter.

It came into being today, 11 May 2016, at the request of a customer. This is not the first time it has been asked for and to date nothing in the present collection has been suitable.

It is a great addition to the Claret Jugs and also to other decanters, jugs and a range of tableware in that it will protect the table whilst enhancing each product.

It is made by hand in our Brentwood studio and hallmarked in London. It is polished to a bright finish with a satin user friendly finish in the bottom to minimise scratching and scuffs.

Whether used inside or al fresco this coaster will enhance any occasion and is highly suitable to spoil yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Coasters were common accessories to decanters from the 1780's and were used to protect table surfaces. They are usually made incorporating the "spinning" method. Decanters were much more common in yesteryear as most wines had sediment. Today there tends to be less sediment but decanting is always beneficial as it "gets some air" into the wine prior to service.

In the unlikely event of accidental damage Campbell's provide a full repair service. You can be assured that nothing leaves our Brentwood studio until it is absolutely perfect.

Our policy is to make each and every item up to a standard and not down to a price

For those interested in how we make this coaster a brief description follows.

In common with much of our production this new coaster is made using the metal "spinning" method. This is an old process of producing round hollow objects in relatively small quantities. Indeed light fittings and catering vessels are still sometimes made this way.

Spinning: Take a metal blank (it can be almost any metal) and while it is spinning round on a lathe it is coaxed over a preformed shape known as a chuck. This coaxing is done using a hardened polished steel "burnisher" set into a long wooden handle. As one would expect, the metal blank tries to buckle and fold and it is the skill of the "spinner" as he is known, to prevent this from happening. Once the blank is firmly/snuggly spun onto the chuck the edge is trimmed with a sharp hard turning tool until the edge is true. 

At this point the newly formed coaster needs a visit to the London Assay Office to be tested and awarded its hallmark. The test known by the French term "Assay" is totally independent of the firm which made the article and has become known as one of the oldest forms of consumer protection in the world and as such one of the most trusted. It is a deterent to the manufacturer thinking to cheat as after three successive failed tests for the Assay office to wreck the article and return the wreckage to the Silversmith.

Once having passed its test of proving that it is made from better than 925 parts per 1000 silver then the remaining hallmarks are punched into the surface of the metal.

Upon return to the silversmiths workshop the dents caused by the punching process are removed and the article is polished using four grades of compound until it is bright and shiny. At this stage the centre of the coaster is given its soft satin used friendly finish which will minimise scratches and marks which are inevitable in normal use.

Use now to enjoy and then pass on to a new generation to do the same. 

For those looking for a higher value, we can also make this item in carat golds.

We hope you enjoy using this item as much as we enjoyed making it!

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You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


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