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Silver Juice Jug Set with Crystal Handle

This handsome Silver Juice Jug with accessories is designed and handmade by Silversmith John Campbell in the Brentwood workshop. Made for modern living, this jug is highly suitable a present of any description including a corporate occasion. It is ideal to use inside or alfresco.

Our engraving service will customise the piece. Each item comes in a luxury gift box. Enjoy now and pass down to the next generation.

The coaster and glass picured are avaiable but not included in the price.

The crystal, which is made by Dartington, is replaceable should anything untoward happen.

This is a slightly different version of another jug that we make. This one has a crystal handle rather than a silver handle making it far easier to polish.

For those interested in how we make this piece a description follow:

The jug mount is made in two parts using the spinning method. Once the two pieces have been spun the top one is pressed to form the pouring tip and the two components are silver-soldered together. Spinning is an ancient method of making hollow objects from sheet metal. Catering equipment and light fittings are often made by this method. The method is suitable to silversmiths due to their short production runs.

The process takes place on a lathe (rather like a wood turning lathe) where the spinner coaxes a disc of silver over a pre-formed shape using a polished steel burnisher, a back stick and some grease. Once the two components have been soldered together the lip is cut to shape, filled and pre-polished.

Next comes a visit to the London Assay Office where both elements are tested to prove that they are better than 925 parts per 1000 silver. With modern equipment this only takes a few hours to establish and once a positive result has been obtained the hallmarks are punched into the surface.

Upon return to the silversmith's workshop any dents from the punching process are removed and the article is polished using four grades of compound until it is bright. Following the polishing process the item is immersed in an ultrasonic cleaning tank where all the polishing residues are desolved and shaken from the crevices.

After the cleaning process the silver top is attached to the crystal body using Plaster of Paris. Once it has set all the surplus plaster is removed, the complete jug is finally rinsed, dried, inspected and packed into presentation boxes.

All JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.

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