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Silver Preserve Bowl, Spoon and Tray

This handmade hallmarked sterling silver & crystal, covered, preserve bowl and tray is part of the JA Campbell contemporary 'Appetite' collection. The bowl is used for jams or marmalade, designed for modern living and sits on a heavy-gauge hallmarked sterling silver tray.

Especially suited for lovers of homemade and quality jams or marmalade, this elegant, lidded bowl is a joy to use, setting you off in a great mood at breakfast to start your day. Also an interesting talking point.

Not only for use at breakfast, this preserve bowl can also be used in the afternoon for Cornish style cream teas (tea and scones filled with strawberry jam and clotted cream). At breakfast time, it also sits well alongside the sterling silver juice jug, sterling silver toast rack, sterling silver butter dish, sterling silver egg cups and sterling silver salt and pepper grinders.

Made from 5 components, the silver items all employ the spinning method and a mouth blown crystal bowl. Approximately 30 stages are involved in the making of this item. The cover features the double-lined theme which runs through the 'Appetite' collection.

One of the final processes is that the items are punched with the maker's mark, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell and then taken to the London Assay Office housed in Goldsmiths' Hall in London where each component is tested (assayed). Providing the metal is better than 925 parts out of 1000 (no minute tolerance allowed) then the remaining hallmarks are punched into the surface. This is one of the earliest forms of consumer protection as (unlike some countries) the silversmith has no influence on the hallmarking process.

Craftsmanship of any kind can be interesting and as such a brief description of the skills required follows: first the crystal bowls are blown for us by Dartington Crystal in the traditional way by collecting a 'gob' of molten crystal onto the end of the blowing iron and beginning with blowing by mouth. Once a bubble has begun to form, it is placed into a carbon mould which is being sprayed with water whilst rotating. The water creates steam which forms a cushion or layer between the molten crystal and the mould, minimizing moulding marks. Occasionally the item will need a reheat to make it malleable again. The furnace used for this is called a 'glory hole'. After completion, checking and subsequent cooling, it is placed in a 'lair' which is a furnace with a conveyor belt where the items just blown are reheated for several hours and allowed to cool slowly. Without this reheating process, the item would be brittle and shatter on the first impact. Following this stage the item still has the top of its bubble 'moil' intact. This is now cut off, the edge polished and it is now complete. It is a fascinating process to watch if you get a chance to visit Dartington's factory in Devon. Regular tours take place at the visitor centre.

You could spoil yourself and buy one for your own use or as a special present for someone close. It is also very suitable as a silver wedding present, a silver birthday present, a corporate or incentive gift. It can even be made in gold to elevate the intrinsic value for the very special golden wedding present.

Any of the 3 components can be engraved with a date or initials of your choice to further personalize the gift. Shipping lines often had their flag engraved on every item of their tableware. This covered preserve bowl was designed by John Campbell to match the contemporary 'Appetite' collection.

As with most items of tableware, the origins of this preserve bowl probably date back to medieval times but with the onset of the industrial revolution, the empire, and the wealth and sophistication of the Victorians, the elegant silver versions became popular. At that time, there would have been no global brands in fancy jars in shops, only homemade which would have needed decanting into presentable containers.

The design features and quality in every item made by craftsmen at JA  Campbell are unique. In the unlikely event of damage, we provide a full repair service. You can be assured that all our products are made up to a standard, not down to a price. Nothing leaves the Brentwood workshop until Master Silversmith John Campbell is completely satisfied.

This covered preserve bowl and tray is a pleasure to use today and a great investment to be handed down to future generations, especially if made in gold or platinum.

As with most things in life, your silver will need occasional cleaning. This does not need to be a chore and can be quite therapeutic. From as little as a quick wash up, to the occasional buff up with a soft yellow duster to remove light tarnish and then just an occasional polish using silver cleaner such as Silvo.

Engraving example image

You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


Engraving is a wonderful opportunity to personalize a gift. The addition of a minimum of initials, a name, a name and date, plus the occasion will cover most situations. More can be added, if required, such as a personal message.

Suggested position:

On silver cover and tray or crystal bowl

Recommended maximum characters: 240

For more information regarding our engraving services, which include hand, glass, heraldic and logo engraving, please click here, or telephone Colin or John Campbell on 01277 217829 to discuss.

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