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Silver Vases - Crystal Body - Small

A vase with a handmade hallmarked detachable silver base and with an English crystal body. A beautiful item in which to display all kinds of flower arrangements, from fresh to dry, from traditional to contemporary.

This vase from the JA Campbell 'Appetite' collection is the smallest of three sizes and is designed to suit all occasions. Throughout the year, this vase can be used to provide a theatre of colour in your home or office to reflect the changing seasons.

As the silver base is detachable, this makes the vase more versatile. In addition, either the English crystal or the silver base can be engraved to personalize the gift.

A sterling silver and crystal vase is a gift ideal for a wedding, a birthday, a silver wedding or simply for yourself. If the occasion is a golden wedding then the silver base can be gold-plated or even made using gold of 18 carat or higher.

Also available is a vase made purely from Sterling silver which also comes in 3 sizes.

To delight, not just please, is the intention of Master Silversmith John Campbell, whenever a piece of handmade sterling silver exits his workshop. The design features and quality of every item made by craftsmen at JA Campbell are unique.

In the unlikely event of accidental damage, we provide a full repair/replacement service. You can be assured that all our products are made up to a standard, not down to a price. Nothing leaves the Brentwood workshop until Master Silversmith John Campbell is absolutely satisfied. Choose silver for pleasure, as an investment or as a cherished heirloom to pass from generation to generation. Remember, silver improves with use. For higher investment we can also make these using platinum or gold.

Also available - Medium and Large sizes.

For those interested in how we make this product, a brief description follows: they are made in 3 parts; a top spinning, a base spinning and a crystal vase body. Spinning is an ancient method of producing round hollow objects from sheet material using a metal 'spinning' lathe. This looks similar to a heavy duty wood-turning lathe. It's use is still practical today for small to medium production runs which are typical of the silversmith. Kitchen utensils and, before plastic, photographic accessories were often made this way. A solid male former/model known as a 'chuck' is made on the lathe. This can be removed and used again at a later date. A disc of metal, (in this case silver), is clamped on the chuck with the back centre and while the assembly is spinning, it is coaxed over the chuck using a spinning tool. This tool is often made by the craftsman himself during his apprenticeship. It is a highly polished hardened steel burnisher with a rounded pointed side and a flat side. Using left and right strokes, a wooden stick known as a back stick and also using lubricant, it is forced over the chuck. Articles with a greater depth-to-diameter ratio will need several 'anneals', that is, to make red hot in order to soften the silver, before the article reaches completion. The completed article is then trimmed to size, whilst rotating, with a sharp, hand-held turning tool.

The top spinning is turned to fit the particular vase body and both are numbered accordingly. The top and base are then lapped together by rolling the edge of the base over the bottom roll of the top component to form one unit.

At this stage in the making, the item is punched with the maker's mark, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell and the registered symbol with the Assay offices. It is then sent for testing of each and every component to the London Assay Office. Only if all the components prove to be better than 92.5% pure silver are the hallmarks punched into the surface while being supported by a steel tool or stake. The English hallmarking system is one of the oldest and best forms of consumer protection and dates back to the 1400s. Upon return from hallmarking it is passed to the polishing shop where Colin and his team, using 4 different grades of compound, polish each one to the brightness associated with silver. Ultrasonic cleaning takes place and the item is then rinsed and inspected. The vase and base are matched, pushed together and placed into fitted presentation boxes.

Note: The flowers were supplied by The Little Florist in Brentwood, England.


Engraving example image

You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


Engraving is a wonderful opportunity to personalize a gift. The addition of a minimum of initials, a name, a name and date, plus the occasion will cover most situations. More can be added, if required, such as a personal message.

Suggested position:

On side or underneath silver base or on crystal body

Recommended maximum characters: 180

For more information regarding our engraving services, which include hand, glass, heraldic and logo engraving, please click here, or telephone Colin or John Campbell on 01277 217829 to discuss.

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What our customers say

Hi I would like to thank you very much for a quite excellent service You replaced the glass in a vase I sent to you this week In this day and age it is rare to have such fabulous care and service Many thanks David

— David Mathewson

Its lovely thank you! She will be very happy – and very lucky!

— Clare


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