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Silver Water Jug Set with Crystal Handle

This exquisite Silver Water Jug with optional accessories is designed and made in Brentwood, England by Master Silversmith John Campbell. It is hallmarked in London and has a silver collar which is mounted on a crystal body made by Dartington Crystal, England.

This jug, made for modern living, will enhance any dining experience in whatever surroundings, ancient or modern, inside or alfresco. In the home, a restaurant, boat or plane. This jug is an eyecatcher! A delight to own and use, this valuable item can be enjoyed by a new generation in the future.

The glass and coaster are available separately but not included in the price.

The crystal body is easily replaceable in the unlikely event of a mishap although the jug is quite robust. Having a crystal handle this new version, of our long established silver handled one, is slightly easier to keep clean and quicker to polish.

Our engraving service is often used to add a name, date or to personalise with a company logo, a coat of arms, a crest or the name of a ship.

Dartington Crystal have an organised factory tour if you want to know how the crystal is made. For those interested in how we make the silver collar a brief description follows:

The jug mount is made in two pieces incorporating the spinning method. Once they have been spun the two parts are soldered together with silver solder to form one part.

The spinning method is an ancient one but is very suitable for the silversmith who tends to make small quantities. It takes place on a lathe, rather like a wood turning lathe, and while it is spinning/rotating a disc of metal is coaxed over a pre-formed chuck. Ths moving of the metal, in this case silver, has a hardening effect. The process has to be paused periodically to "anneal"- soften the metal. Spinning is quite simple using a polished steel burnisher, back stick, grease and a large amount of skill from the silversmith! Once the two parts have been completed the upper one is pressed into a die to form the pouring lip.The two parts are then silver soldered together to form one unit. The top edge is then cut to its final profile and pre-polished.

The next step is to take the piece to the London Assay Office for testing and subsequent hallmarking. On arrival all constituent parts are scratched/sampled and tested to check that they are above 925 parts per 1000. Provided that the test results are positive the hallmarks are stamped on the surface. This process is one of the earliest forms of nationally organised consumer protection. The term "hallmark" gets its name from the place where it all began - Goldsmiths Hall and where it is still performed to this day.

Once back in the silversmith's workshop any dents caused by the punching process are removed and the polishing process begins. This uses four different grades of compound until the item is highly shiny. The article is then immersed in an ultrasonic tank where all remaining traces of polishing compound are disolved and shaken out. It is then rinsed and dried. The last, but not least task, is to join the silver mount to the crystal body using Plaster of Paris. Once this has hardened the surplus is removed and the jug rinsed and dried for the final time before going out in the world! But just before that it is inspected and then packed into the luxury boxes for presentation and dispatch. Any imperfections will be spotted and retified at this stage.

Nothing leaves the JA Campbell workshop until founder John Campbell is completely satisfied. To delight is what we aim for rather than just to please. Silver made up to a standard not down to a price. Silver is not just for today but to hand down to future generations.


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