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Silver Wine Cooler

This handmade, hallmarked sterling silver wine cooler, complete with carrying handles will grace the finest home, luxury yacht or bar imaginable. It will create considerable interest from your friends and guests. Silver has become a subtle status symbol in recent years. This silver wine cooler is part of the JA Campbell 'Appetite' collection and matches every other item in the range, all having the distinctive double line signature design. When used with a combination of ice and water this sterling silver wine cooler will not only drop the temperature of your wine but it will also maintain the temperature for your continued enjoyment.

The manufacturing process is an interesting one and below is a brief story of how this unique and lasting piece is made in our workshop in Brentwood, Essex. This silver wine cooler is made in 6 pieces. The main and largest part of the body is cut from sheet. This is a long, curving piece of silver with tapered ends and when rolled around a mandrill, it forms the tapered shape of the body. The ends are then brought and held together for soldering with soft steel wires then seamed, using enamelling grade silver solder. The seam is then checked and dressed. The body is then 'planished' to make it perfectly round and flat, then the top roll is formed, the base soldered in and the double signature lines pushed in. The body minus handles is now complete. A section of sterling silver rod is then also signature lined, fitted and soldered into the handle casting and the whole unit fitted and soldered onto the body component and repeated for the second handle. The total number of operations to make this impressive item (excluding all the mining, refining, alloying and rolling of the initial raw material) is around 60. Total number of solderings (using different temperature silver solders) is around 8. Total number of annealing (to soften the work hardened components) around 5. Total number of polishing operations (using 4 grades of compound) around 20.

Next the maker's mark is punched onto the surface, JAC in a triangle, the initials of John Campbell. Then it is sent for hallmarking to the London Assay office. After passing the test for purity of silver (92.5%) the remaining hallmarks are added. The remaining 7.5% is pure copper and this is the other ingredient of sterling silver, added to give an otherwise soft pure silver more hardness). Then it is returned to the workshop for final polishing and packing. The English hallmarking system is one of the earliest forms of consumer protection dating back to the 1400s.

Great care and pride is taken with all the above manufacturing elements, including placing the items carefully in the presentation box for you and your family, friends and future generations to enjoy our world's precious resources and best craftsmanship.

As with most JA Campbell products, this item is also suitable for engraving to personalise as a gift. The design features and quality in every item made by craftsmen at JA Campbell are unique. In the unlikely event of damage, we provide a full repair service. You can be assured that all our products are made up to a standard not down to a price. Nothing leaves the Brentwood workshop until Master Silversmith John Campbell is completely satisfied. This sterling silver wine cooler is a pleasure to use today and a great investment to be handed down to future generations.

As with most things in life, your silver will need occasional cleaning. This does not need to be a chore and can even be quite therapeutic. From as little as a quick wash up, to the occasional buff up with a clean yellow duster to remove light tarnish and then the occasional polish using silver cleaner such as Silvo.

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You can be assured that all
JA Campbell products are made up to a standard and not down to a price.


Engraving is a wonderful opportunity to personalize a gift. The addition of a minimum of initials, a name, a name and date, plus the occasion will cover most situations. More can be added, if required, such as a personal message.

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For more information regarding our engraving services, which include hand, glass, heraldic and logo engraving, please click here, or telephone Colin or John Campbell on 01277 217829 to discuss.

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