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Silver Dishes & Bowls

JA Campbell offers a fantastic selection of silver and crystal bowls and dishes, which can form an important but often overlooked section of tableware. The all silver Campbell dishes come in a range of sizes from 3" to 16". They can be used for a luxury corporate gift to suit a variety of budgets or for a stunning addition to any table in the home. These Campbell dishes can be used for fruit, bread, petit fours, nuts..... The list is endless. In addition the bread/brioche bowl from the 'Appetite' collection is useful and attractive.

Other bowls and dishes in this category are a combination of silver and crystal. These 2 materials are extremely complimentary to each other. Some items have specific uses for example the butter dish with tray, the preserve bowl with tray, the caviar servers, whilst the Athena bowls and salad bowl can have a wide variety of uses.

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