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Golden Wedding Gifts

It may seem unusual to find a Golden wedding gift on a Sterling Silver website, but many of the items we design can successfully be gold plated to give the strength and durability that comes from Sterling silver. Gold on Silver - the ideal combination

When a couple have been married for 50 years they usually have a large family and a wide circle of friends and may have some precious pieces already. However the items on this sterling silver website are designed to suit all tastes and prices ranges and I am sure you will find something unusual and special.

Some of our range is gold plated to prevent corrosion from salt, such as the sterling silver salt shaker or sterling silver grinder, the open sterling silver salt server or sterling silver mustard server. Other items are gold plated for preference to mark a special occasion such as the golden wedding.

The price of adding gold plating to a sterling silver item would start from as little as £40. 

The wide range of sterling silver Campbell dishes are an ideal solution as they are so versatile in their uses from nuts to fruit, from sweets to bread.

All items would benefit greatly by engraving with your own personal message or names and dates.

Please look through this website and I am sure you will find a suitable golden wedding gift.