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Silver Wine Accessories

This is a range of uniquely designed handmade sterling silver wine accessories. It starts with the simple but useful sterling silver drip ring and extends to the impressive sterling silver wine cooler.

Lovers of fine red wine or port will appreciate using our silver wine funnel when decanting into either a silver decanter or our elegant sterling silver claret jug which has been the most popular item in the 'Appetite' collection.

A set of sterling silver drinks mats on a maple wood base makes the perfect accessory to any room or table setting.

These are just a few items in the collection to give an idea of how sterling silver enhances any occasion. Why not start your own collection now? Enjoy for yourself today and give pleasure and value to future generations.

Please browse my website and I am sure you will find something to suit your tastes

John Campbell, Designer and Master Silversmith

Silver Bar Set

Silver Bar Set