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Classic Vases

Here at JA Campbell, we pride ourselves on handcrafting a single elegant crystal vase for our collection. It features a sterling silver base and comes in a choice of three sizes.

The crystal is mouth blown in Devon, England by Master Glassblowers and is carefully fitted with its sterling silver base by our Master Silversmiths in London. The silver bases are easily removed for cleaning, however – read our guide to cleaning your silverware to keep your classic vase in pristine condition.

Placed in any room of your house, our delightful classic vase will brighten any table, mantelpiece or windowsill, whether you decide to fill it with a bunch of freshly-cut flowers or some decorative beads.

Engraving a personalized message or design on either the crystal body or the silver base will make your gift all the more special – find out about our engraving service here.