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Silver Wine Labels

Historically decanter or wine labels were used to identify the contents of jugs, decanters and bottles. The labels were made primarily from silver but sometimes silver plate, enamel or china. Decanter labels date from about 1735 to the present day with large numbers produced between 1760 and 1860 and because they span several design periods their styles vary considerably.

JA Campbell produces 3 different shapes of wine label; round, lozenge, and a crescent, perfect for use with one of our signature silver decanters. All have a double line border and are made up to a standard and not down to a price. They are handmade in our Brentwood workshop and hall marked at the London assay office. complete your collection with a silver wine coaster from JA Campbell - suitable for use with bottles, glasses, decanters and more.

As well as being available with a wide variety of beverage names they can also come plain for engraving with any message or motif you choose - engraving can be done on both sides if required. find out more about our silver decanter and wine labels and buy online today.

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