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Repairs and renovation to JA Campbell products

Ensure the article is well packed, or better still over packed in a big enough carton to prevent additional damage.

There are competent silversmiths all around the world who could be entrusted to perform minor repairs and renovation work to our products but with postal rates being relatively inexpensive compared to the value of the article it is advisable that it is returned to us.

In our workshop not only do we have a record of how the article was made and from what materials, we also have the tooling which made it originally, plus the spare parts, for example crystal decanter bodies necessary to make a perfect repair.

Simply return the articles, by secure, signed for and insured post, such as Royal Mail Special delivery to our Brentwood, England address for a quotation.

Packaging: Important note.
A silver & crystal bowl was returned to us a few weeks ago (Sept 11) for a slight scratch on the silver to be removed. It arrived in our workshop with the crystal bowl smashed to pieces. Luckily we were able to fit a replacement bowl, but how unnecessary!! For the sake of a bigger box, some cushioning material and a little more postage this need not have happened.